What is Sualtam?

Sualtam is an IRC channel archive generator. You give him the name of a channel, and it automagically creates archives of the discussions that take place on that channel. Here is an example archive.

What is Sualtam not?

Sualtam is not a log parser, like most other IRC archive generators. It is a "bot". That is, it will connect to the channel, record everything that happens, and produce nice html pages that contain the archive. This approach has several advantages over log parsers:

Sualtam is not a full featured (did somebody say: bloated?) IRC bot. It will not take care of controling the channel. It will not say anything funny or clever in the channel. Actually, it will not say anything at all. It will just listen.

Sualtam does not generate usage statistics about the channel. But maybe it will in the future.

How do I use Sualtam?

One HTML file will be created for each day which had activity on the channel. You can customize the appearance of the logs by putting a file named sualtam.css in the same directory. You can use the example style sheet as a starting point.

Try java -jar sualtam.jar --help for the list of all options.

How is it implemented?

Sualtam uses the Martyr framework to understand the IRC protocol.

It is written in the Nice programming language. Nice is a new language that improves on Java.

Sualtam is free software. It is released under the GPL.

Why the funny name?

Ah, you wonder, don't you? :-)

© Daniel Bonniot 2003